Company wide, AWK currently has 4 full-time survey crews. Additionally, AWK has 2 part-time crews that we can mobilize as necessary to address short term heavy demands. Our surveying expertise has been driven by being on the leading edge of new technology.

The company has been built on state-of-the-art equipment, fully integrated CAD, and field GPS, Robotic & conventional surveying equipment. This enables AWK to have a complete turnkey operation from field to finish. AWK survey equipment includes 2 robotic instruments, 2 GPS Dual frequency units, 8 total stations, levels, magnetic detectors and associated tools and equipment including digital cameras, 2-way radios and cell phones.

Where possible, we use reflectorless total station equipment to perform the work from the ground; this avoids the need to interrupt traffic or to use supplemental surveying equipment to gain access to inaccessible areas. The GPS units with static and kinematic capabilities give AWK the capability to perform RTK data collection and stake-out where unobstructed sky conditions exist. AWK can also produce topographic mapping from the raw survey data referenced to State Plane and NAVD 88 datum.