AWK has a long history of providing quality geotechnical and civil engineering design services. Our experience is diverse and demonstrates our competence in all aspects of geotechnical engineering including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Conducting geotechnical investigations including preparation of reports and recommendations.
  • Performing geotechnical investigations and remedial designs associated with geologic hazards such as landslides, rockslides, and mine subsidence.
  • Performing stability analyses of slopes and retaining structures.
  • Investigation, analysis and design of conventional and specialty retaining wall systems.
  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation and monitoring.
  • Evaluation of foundation alternatives and bearing elevation.
  • Evaluation and development of requirements for temporary excavation support.
  • Performing settlement investigations and analyses and developing remedial solutions.
  • Performing scour investigations and analyses and developing remedial solutions.
  • Evaluation and mitigation of groundwater concerns.
  • Design of flood protection projects.
  • Geotechnical consultation during and after construction.
  • Drilling and sampling of soil, rock and water.
  • Conduct laboratory testing (physical and chemical) on soil, rock and water.
  • Preparation of final contract documents including plans, specifications & cost estimates (PS&E).
  • Pavement evaluation, rehabilitation, analysis and design including the use of DARWin software.